Network Design and Implementation
TPC is expertise in design and implementation of networks from small to large sized companies. Based on the insights gained, our staff will conduct a comprehensive analysis to determine the appropriate combination of hardware, operating system, and software for your network design. Our services include all the aspects of network design and implementation, including installation, configure, and maintain the following:

  -  Network system: including hub, switches, routers, and firewalls
  -  Servers: Microsoft, UNIX, and Novell Netware
  -  E-mail s: Microsoft outlook, ms-exchange, Blackberry, etc.
  -  Backup operation
  -  Network Security
  -  VPN
  -  Business phone system
  -  Data management
  -  Network design
  -  Printing equipment
  -  Security camera system
  -  P.O.S

  -  Network Design
  -  Data Management
  -  Business Essential
  -  P.O.S.